from: in tenebris lumen, redimi

what will the outcome be if I continue to travel the path of acquiring divine knowledge and the practices of the Magus?

Answer: Outcome always the same.

when you travel the path of acquiring divine knowledge the outcome is always the same:

the more you learn, the the more you realize the less you know.

but i encourage you to keep learning till you are stupid with knowledge.



Baby I want to know you

Gonna work for TSA

Gotta see inside you

With my special x-ray

Ask Jesus: He’s on the mainline.

Often we look for meaning in that which seems to lack information, and overlook that which seems to provide it all. I seek to bridge that gap between. Where the answers lie. When you grasp insight to yourself and your life path, as you create it, you help deflect the chance of your ego destroying it. If you are not where you are, then your not where you should be.

absorb – redirect
let it go – reconnect

Jesus Landin-Torrez III
Mystique Scientifique & Spiritual Advisor will provide insight on “the all” and “the everyday”. Past, present, future. You ask it…he will answer.

To ask Jesus a question just go to click on the “ask jesus” link above the arrow to the left of the red phone. If you want a response leave your name, email address and telephone number (he will text you to set up a time for a phone consultation before he calls). As always there is no charge, only the energy you put into and the release you let out of yourself.

i am on the journey of “pure being”, to extract the simplicity and beauty from a chaotic world.

HOUSE tried to kill me this morning. But HOUSE did not know that I am a ninja. I evaded the trap, computer in hand, and crouched like a white tiger. HOUSE tore a hole in my boxers. I rubbed its face in it. Bad HOUSE, I said. If it had a tail, it would have surely been tucked between its peg legs. If it had a bladder, it would have wet the gallery floor. And I would have then rubbed its face in it again.

In my dreams tonight, HOUSE will be punished.